Camera-a Photography, Darlington offered a fantastic prize a few months ago to “Revel In your Femininity” and the winner was Jane Morland. Jane got to see herself in a new light as she won the prize of the boudoir shoot.

At Camera-a Photography we understand that clients may be nervous and apprehensive but we are all girls together and can share your fears. We are experts at body sculpting and flattering photography.

As we are an all female team Jane felt relaxed and confident having her photographs taken, it was not something she had ever had done before and was a little unsure what to expect.

She ended up a with a collection of beautiful photographs of herself, in a variety of different style of lingerie.

Backgrounds, lighting and poses where changed throughout the shoot. Then after the shoot, like the stars have in the magazines, we use our skills in digital enhancement to create the perfect picture.

Thank you Jane from all the girls at Camera-a Photography Darlington

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