We woke on the morning of Claire & Kayne’s Headlam Hall wedding in February to a light dusting of snow and threatening, grey skies to say the least. Ever the optimists, however, we decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to add some drama and atmosphere to Claire & Kayne’s wedding photographs. We never let a bit of bad weather get in the way of stunning photography!
 We arrived at Headlam Hall’s Gainford Suite to find a very calm Claire looking absolutely stunning and completely unphased by the terrible weather! Everyone was very excited, particularly Claire’s bridesmaid who will become her sister-in-law later this year – two family weddings in a year, a busy time for all!
 In contrast to Claire’s calmness, Kayne was a tad on the nervous side! When we met him downstairs to photograph him with his parents and best man before the service we were concerned to hear that Kayne’s parents had not arrived yet. Relying on sat-nav to get them to Headlam Hall they hadn’t banked on a bad mobile signal! We tried to calm Kayne as best we could and luckily a flustered looking mother and father of the groom arrived just in time to see their son get married! Phew!
  The service in the Edwardian Suite went without a hitch. Before the signing of the register their harpist played and sang a beautiful solo which everyone admired! Jane, who was stood behind the harpist during the service, jumped out of the way but left her camera and tripod where it was and it had to be digitally removed from Ann’s shot of the harpist afterwards! Oops! It’s amazing what Photoshop can do!
  After the service we took the happy couple around Headlam Hall’s beautiful, snow covered grounds. Claire had her wellies at the ready and was determined not to let the cold get to her! With white umbrellas in hand we got some great shots of Claire & Kayne running over the grass looking happy and carefree. The white, snow-filled skies were not a problem as we digitally replaced them with some dramatic skies that Ann had photographed previously. We also used various filters to create a soft, glowing effect on the snowy pictures and were really pleased with the outcome.
 Claire & Kayne thoroughly enjoyed their wedding day at Headlam Hall and had a fantastic honeymoon. They came to the studio to collect their photographs the day after they returned and were thrilled! It’s always lovely to see a couple so pleased with their wedding photography. We hope that they look at their photographs in many years to come with the same starry-eyed, smiling faces that they had on their wedding day.

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