Victoria & Chris were so lucky to have one of the best days weather wise of the year so far for their wedding day – Easter Sunday!  Who’d have thought we would have such gorgeous sunshine and blue skies in April.

We arrived at Headlam Hall, where Victoria and her family were getting ready for the big day to find a very calm and collected bride looking radiant in her beautiful white, corsetted dress. Everyone was in really good spirits and Ann tried out a new group shot of Victoria and her close family using the wonderful available light from the windows.  The Bridesmaids all wore a gorgeous shade of cerise pink, a lovely bright colour that always looks great in two-tone photographs like the one below.

After leaving Headlam Hall we made our way to St.Paul’s Church in Evenwood, the wedding venue, to meet Chris and his Family, Best Man and many Ushers. Ever the romantic, Chris had bought Victoria a lovely silver bracelet that he sent to her on the morning of their wedding with ‘I Love You’ engraved into it! How sweet!

Victoria arrived and walked towards the church with her Dad against a background of the most amazing blue sky, it almost didn’t look real it was so blue! The lady curate delivered a very personal service and did an exceptional job especially since it was only her third wedding.

Arriving back at Headlam Hall for the reception the grounds, as ever, were gorgeous and full of the most beautiful flowers. Victoria and Chris really enjoyed posing for the camera which made them a real joy to photograph. 

Every part of Victoria and Chris’s wedding was of the highest quality and really well thought out, from the beautiful bouquets and flowers round the church doorway to the delicious looking cake. No detail was forgotten about.

Victoria was thrilled when she came to collect her wedding portfolio and we had framed one of her photographs and put it on the wall having said earlier to Jane that she hoped she would see herself up their one day! We hope that they are very happy together for years to come and enjoy reliving their big day through their photographs.


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