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Lynsey & Colin were married on the 19th August 2016 at Walworth Castle. We love photographing weddings at Walworth Castle as there are lots of great places to take pictures and we are really proud to be their recommended photographers.

Lynsey & Colin  are such a fun loving couple and neither of them stopped smiling all day. The weather wasn’t great and we had to rely on some big white umbrellers to keep us dry while taking the photographs, but this didn’t dampen the newly wed’s spirits.

The speeches were hilarious and included a brilliant rap by the bridesmaids, we think this should be a new tradition!

Everybody jumped up during the first dance and the whole place turned into a rave. It was such a fun night to share with the happy couple.

Fantastic suppliers on Lynsey & Colin’s wedding day –

Venue – Walworth Castle

Bride’s Dress – Dobinsons

Hair – Doll Heads

Make-up – Roxanna Mann

Cake –  Prettylicious Cakes

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