Why choose Camera A?

* We have 38 years experience in the photography business, we know what works and what doesn’t, experience is priceless. We have come across every scenario and can help you keep calm, especially on your big day. As most of us are mums ourselves, we are excellent with children and we are very patient.

Why does it matter that you are all female?

*We often can help with the finishing touches, such as helping to dress the bride,  bridesmaids and flower girls.  We see all of the little details that we know you have spent time and effort in planning which others simply do not see. We are on hand to offer you help, advice & support, we can be like extra girl friends!

Why does it matter that you are a bigger team and have spare photographers?

* With all the goodwill in the world, if you are ill or an emergency happens, there maybe a reason why the photographer you have booked cannot attend the wedding. This would not happen with Camera A, you will not be let down.  If you book a photographer who works by themselves or even if they have an assistant (someone who is not  a main photographer), what happens if that main photographer is ill? You will either be left with no photographer or simply a person who is just a second shooter. This would be unacceptable to us, this is your day and cannot be recreated again. Being a larger team is a must!

Why does it matter that you have public liability insurance?

*When we answer this question we always start off with saying that you wouldn’t get your boiler serviced by someone who wasn’t “Gas Safe” registered. We are all fully qualified and hold the correct insurance. In our line of business we often hear people say that they were disappointed with their photographs or if they could change one thing about their day, it would have been to have chosen a different photographer. Your photographs will be the only thing you have left (as well as memories of course) to remember your day.

What is the benefit of having two photographers?

* A second photographer can capture the reactions, emotions and action from a different perspective than the primary, which can be a really nice addition to your images . The primary photographer is there to get the must-have images and candid when possible but the second photographer is there to focus on the candid.  One huge benefit is that two photographers can cover the bride’s preparations and the second can capture the groom’s preparations. In addition, different angles can be captured, for example one photographer at the front of the ceremony and one at the back.

Why choose a photographer who spends so much time editing the images?

* We use Photoshop to edit our images and to make them as perfect as possible. Nowadays there are so many no smoking signs or fire exit signs in hotels, although necessary they don’t look good and ruin the images. This takes time but is well worth it. You have gone to so much time and effort to look and feel great, so we carefully enhance and soften the skin to give you that little extra help.  (All the celebrities in the magazines do it, so why not you!!)

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